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Day 12: Plumbing, Floor, and Columns!Tuesday, September 04, 2012
While the torrential rains left over from Hurricane Isaac were pounding down outside, the plumbers were very busy in our little bathroom, including the installation of the valves for the two wall-mount vanity sinks:

While Mike managed to close up the floor in the shower area and rebuild the column much closer to the pipes!

Things are really coming along! Then I started thinking about that column? though it's a bit difficult to see in the image above, what we've got is basically a box sticking out from the right wall of the shower, with a 30-degree angled edge for the shower door. Well, I started poking around to see if it would be possible to turn the whole box to be at that 30-degree angle. Once again, screws are the undo button (for better or worse, here we go!):

So now there's no more column, and I spent about an hour working out the dimensions to get this to (hopefully!) work. Above you can see the corner piece for the column, with some custom blocking that I pre-attached down in the basement. But after three hours of measuring and cutting and screwing and unscrewing and remeasuring and pushing and shoving, here we are!

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