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Day 11: Where'd the Column Go?Monday, September 03, 2012
Screws are a bit like the Ctrl-Z of framing? Remember the column that Mike had built around the DWV and pipes? Well, it's been undone. After some talking and thinking and talking, we've got a new plan to make it a bit tighter, allowing more room for the shower door, bench, and cabinet on the other side?

But here are all the studs, ready to back into their new locations:

But before the new column can be built, Mike spent quite a lot of effort flattening the floor and adding in supporting members. It is almost sad that all of this hard work is going to be closed up and never seen (except for here, of course!)

We also took the time to pull three 12-2 cables up from the basement to serve the lights, outlets, and radiant floor (you can see them peeking out from the right of the DWV stack in the photo above). With the utilities nearly complete, I'd guess that we're going to see the subfloor down in a few days. Apparently Graeson (our tile master) is due to begin on the 10th - so exciting!

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