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Days 5-9: What Studs!Thursday, August 30, 2012
While we were on a short pre-semester SCUBA holiday in Jamaica, Mike was hard at work framing in the new shower, figuring out how to build walls around the DWV stack and pipes, and running the supply lines for the sinks and shower! Here's the rough framing of the shower area (and while you may not be able to see it here, this floor is CRAZY uneven!):

In this shot you can see some aluminum bars that we were using to try to demarcate the front wall of the shower, which is supposed to be at a 30-degree angle to the room to match the hexagonal tiles. Finding this angle was none too easy!

By day two of our vacation, they were installing PEX for the hot and cold supply lines:

And notching out studs for our fancy wall-mount faucets (it seems everywhere that we need to put something in a particular location, there is either something in the way, or not enough support!):

Yes, it's a bit crazy in the shower area:

By day three Mike was having a lot of fun building the column around the DWV stack and supply pipes for the third floor:

(Little do those studs know that they will all be gone again in a few days!)

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