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Day 1: The Demolition BeginsMonday, August 20, 2012
8:30 AM on Monday, August 20th. Mike Armstrong arrives along with an assistant. Within ten minutes they've laid down tarps, brought in a bunch of tools, and the toilet is being carried downstairs. Within an hour they are nearly ready to remove the tub when they discover the super-high-quality work from the last remodel, where they tacked up drywall right over the old tile!

Off to work for a few hours, I came home in the mid afternoon to find that they'd completely removed the wall between the bathroom and the closet, and taken down a ton of plaster. Here's Toby inspecting their work:

While it's a bit tough with all the mess, I can already start to imagine what it is going to look like when it's finished (sort of)!


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