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The Start of A Big OneSunday, August 19, 2012
From the day we moved in, we knew that we had two BIG renovations on our something-we-will-get-to-someday list: the kitchen and the second-floor bathroom. It was a bit of a toss up as to which would come first, and the bathroom won. We began planning in April of this year, and decided quite early on that we were going to need a contractor. Over the past four months we've made a mind-numbing number of decisions, from selecting our amazing contractor (Mike Armstrong) to picking tile and countertops and cabinets and lights and switches and exhaust fans and fixtures and? a whole lot more. Here what we were starting with:

And here's what we've designed:

To gain some space, we are taking over the tiny/awkward sub-closet from the adjoining room. We also had to make a tough decision between a tub, a shower, or a shower/tub. Knowing that we have a tub on the third floor, we decided to go with a walk-in shower, to be done in 1"-square Ming Green marble. Enclosed with custom glass, the shower will have both a wand and a rain head in polished Nickel from the Asbury line at Restoration Hardware. Across for the shower will be the double-sink vanity. The cabinetry is all Shenandoah Mission in Cherry Spice. The top will be 1-1/4"-Carrera marble, with two matching Kohler Camber undercount sinks. The wall-mount faucets above the vanity sinks are made by Newport Brass, also in polished Nickel. Banks of Xenon lights will illuminate the vanity area, along with two narrow-focus spotlights above each sink for dramatic effect. There are also three Halogen lights in the shower, and there will be a large schoolhouse light in the center of the room from Rejuvenation. The floors (with electric radiant heat) will be done in 2"-Carrera marble hexagons. Oh, and a Kohler Memoirs toilet will be situated to the left of the vanity. (And yes, this is a SolidWorks model, just like the deck).

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