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From Weeds to WonderfulSaturday, September 10, 2011
January, 2007. We were in Philadelphia, touring various properties. It was cold. The green was long gone from the foliage. On the list of homes we were visiting was this fascinating rowhouse on Osage Avenue. It was currently being rented, and we realized it would take some work to turn this into a home, but we figured we could do it. Of course we had our camera with us. Here's what we saw in the back yard:

Not exactly paradise. But, as with everything here, we saw the potential.

Fast forward to June, and we're moving in. Here's that same yard, with a bit of green (though admittedly, it's mostly weeds!):

And looking the other way we see the deck:

A few years pass. We rarely venture into the back yard as we are busy fixing up bedrooms and spending an inordinate amount of time at work. The in May of 2010, up came the bricks, down came the deck, and the process began:

The concrete was broken up, and hauled away:

A new deck was designed:

A new basement landing was poured and walls erected:

A new deck was born:

Eventually the deck floor and stairs were in:

But the yard. It was still pure weeds!

Yes. Time to bring in the professionals. And at 1200X speed, no less:

Truly staggering:

The deck is yet to be finished, but that will happen soon enough. For now, we have a small slice of paradise behind our home, which suits us just perfectly...

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