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Hardscaping the Back YardWednesday, August 10, 2011
After much deliberation, we decided that it was going to be much easier and faster to hire someone to do all the hardscaping in the back yard. Working to Maria's plan, we got a couple quotes, and in the end we decided to go with Maria's own contractors, Duffy Brothers. This is what they got to start with:

Now, to see this take shape, I set up a camera in the master bedroom window to take a photo every 10 seconds, and here are the time lapse results at 30 frames per second (or 300X real time):

Day 1 (August 10th):

Day 2 (August 11th):

Day 3 (August 12th, including the building of the deck railing near the end!):

Day 4 (August 16th, during which they begin laying stone for the main patio):

Day 5 (August 17th, during which they continue to lay stone for the main patio):

Day 6 (August 18th, during which they finish the main patio and? ):

Day 7 (August 19th, during which they work on the fire pit):

Day 8 (August 22nd, during which they finish the fire pit):

Day 9 (August 23rd, during which they begin building the far patio):

Day 10 (August 24th, during which they nearly finish the far patio):

Day 11 (August 25th, during which they get rained out and we set up for a party):

Day 12 (August 26th, during which they finish the hardscaping!):

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