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Ipe Deck, meet Ipe OilMonday, August 08, 2011
You may have noticed that I never quite finished the deck last summer. Well? yeah. So the next step on my to-do list was to sand down all the plugs in the deck boards. Sounds say enough. But there are something like 520 plugs, and this is Ipe! No wonder I hadn't done this yet.

Sadly (and somewhat because they would have been rather boring), I didn't take any photos of the sanding process. However, one thing that I noticed was that the sanding process was removing the moderate amount of silvering that had happened over the year. Realizing that the deck would look funny with only certain areas silvered, I decided to sand down the whole deck. With the 5" palm sander.

And now that it was all nicely sanded down, it was time to dig out the can of Ipe Oil that I ordered along with the wood last year. Applying a single coat and wiping off the excess (this wood really doesn't absorb much!), I was honestly amazed with how this really helped bring out the beauty of this exotic hardwood:

The can says to apply it no more than once per year. I will be curious to see how well it handles the weather around here.

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