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Front Garden, Take 2Saturday, July 30, 2011
Ignoring the near-complete failure of our first attempt at beautifying our front garden (reference July 14, 2007), and forgetting how much work it really was to dig up the entire yard, we decided to give it a second go. Only this time, we're working to a plan! Last summer, we requisitioned Maria Hasenecz of Livable Landscapes to re-envision our front and back yards, and now it's time to begin realizing a part of it.

This began with the delivery of 41 tubs of vibrant, healthy plants on Tuesday afternoon. I'm quite certain that they were all a bit scared when they saw the condition of the existing garden.

On Friday, it was time to begin clearing out the old (that didn't take long), and then loosening up the dirt in preparation for digging in a bunch of compost (this took for ever). Here's what we started with:

And 1.5 hours later...

And then 2 more hours the next morning?

Then a good hour or two breaking up the chunks and removing rocks?

FInally, it was ready for compost. Katherine discovered that we could get up to 30 gallons of compost for free from Fairmount Park, so she ventured out with Kate to fill up our recycling bins. Not quite enough to suit our needs, she then trekked over to Home Depot with Taylor to get another 450 pounds of humus and dehydrated manure. Laying this out makes the garden look so rich!

And then it was time to till up the soil and mix it all together. Then it was time to follow the plan. Here we are starting to lay out the pots...

And in process:

And complete!

In the back row we have three Luykens Laurel bushes, then progressing forward we see seven Astilbe Rhineland (False Spirea) in the center, with Hostas on either edge fronted by a trio of Heuchera (Lenten-Rose). Then in the front we have seven Carex Ice Dance in the middle, with Heuchera (Coral Bells) and Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny) on the edges.

Now, to see if we can keep it alive!

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