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To build a deck, part 3.3 (something to step on)Sunday, September 05, 2010
To finish part 3 of the deck building assignment, I'm going to need to install the remaining stringers, then cut, drill, and install the risers and treads. First, the stringers:

And now, to prepare some more Ipe boards. I need eight 41-inch long 5/4x8 boards for the risers, and sixteen 43-inch long 5/4x6 boards for the treads. All of these will need to be pre-drilled for screws and counterbored in preparation for the plugs. That will be about 200 holes. Here goes.

Then, for installation. I decided to start at the top and work my way down, attempting to maintain the 3/32-inch spacing between boards that I used on the rest of the deck.

A while later and here we are, fully installed and ready for plugs:

And the view from beneath (this is basically what one sees when they exit from the basement door):

With the plugs installed, and rather a lot of glue on my hands, part 3 of the deck-building saga is officially complete!

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