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To build a deck, part 2 (for real this time)Monday, August 23, 2010
Now that the rain has let up for a while, I wanted to get back out and make some progress on the deck. The first step for today will be to plug up the holes in the twelve boards that I'd installed a few days ago. This process includes a bunch of little Ipe plugs, some Titebond III glue, a hammer, a chisel, and some wet papertowels, as you can see here (well, all but the papertowels, which are too messy to show on our little blog):

Each plug gets driven in until it's nearly flush, then I let the glue dry for a while before running the chisel over the surface to remove most of what's exposed.

And here is what they look like once they're trimmed down:

After 240 plugs (there were 12 boards crossing 10 joists, with 2 holes per joist), my fingers were caked in dried glue, and it was time to switch modes and drive in some more boards:

With these 84 holes plugged as well, I'm getting rather close to finishing the floor. But... now it's raining again, so it's going to be a day or two before part 3...

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