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To build a deck, part 2 (which has nothing to do with the deck)Sunday, August 22, 2010
So, it's raining. Which means it's not such a great day to work on the deck. Instead, I got a few more things done in the basement, including the installation of the Rubrik stainless steel doors and drawers in the cabinets:

This was slightly more complicated than most IKEA installations, as they do not actually sell the 24-inch-tall doors that fit beneath the sink. Fortunately, they do sell 30-inch doors, and I figured it wouldn't be too hard to shorten them. Two hours later, I'd say that while it was relatively straightforward, it wasn't exactly easy. I discovered that our little DeWalt cordless trim saw was able to cleanly cut through the stainless door front without much damage (well, damage to the door, that is, because I'm not so sure about the sharpness of that blade anymore). The thing that really took some work was the creation of pockets for the IKEA hinges that recess into the doors, but fortunately they turned out well.

While working in the basement, I also decided to tackle the construction and installation of the lower of the two middle landings on the stairs:

The angles made this a bit more interesting than the lower landing, but the miter saw made fairly quick work of this project. Now there's just one more landing to go!

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