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To build a deck, part 1Thursday, August 19, 2010
After a quick trip to Montreal for a conference, it's time to get down to business with this deck. I realize it's been a while, and it's crazy to look back and see all of the projects that have happened since the last nail went into the deck framing. Anyhow, the task for today is to start getting the floorboards installed. This will involve cutting them to length on the miter saw, pre-drilling and counterboring holes above the joist locations, screwing them down, then plugging all of the holes. We'll start by cutting twelve boards to 151 inches long:

Here are some of the boards with end sealer painted onto the fresh cuts:

Then to drill those holes I purchased a carbide step drill with a 1/8-inch through hole and a 3/8-inch counterbore, which we see here loaded into the drill press:

I'm using 2-inch stainless steel torx-head screws made for decking, and the installation is going well, as you can see here:

The board nearest the house needed a little trimming in the middle to accommodate our house, but it went in well. When designing the deck I'd specified a 3/32-inch gap between the boards, and it took some time to find something that would provide this spacing, but in the end I found that my trusty framing square is almost exactly that thick!

Now, to install the rest, plug the holes, and we will finally be able to walk out the back door again!

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