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Numerar and DomsjoThursday, August 12, 2010
Numerar is a thick slab of beech. Domsjo is a fire-clay apron-front sink. They go together like butter and toast. But one must slice the Numerar in half first (it must be the toast). Here's that process - I'm truly in awe of this little cordless trim saw for it's ability to do this, by the way.

And now, in position atop the Akurum cabinets:

And here's the Domsjo single-bowl sink, resting atop the counter:

Then complete with the Alsvik faucet (the jam, perhaps, to continue the analogy):

Now that the sink is in, it's time to plumb in the drain line. Compared to all of the copper work, this was a relative piece of cake - with the only really scary part coming when I heard a quick burst of thunder just after I removed the plug from the main waste line, which happens to be the drain from the gutters in the back of the house! Fortunately, the rain held off a bit longer...

And now to test, we have water in the sink (and fortunately none in the cabinet below)!

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