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Flashing (windows, that is)Thursday, August 12, 2010
A week or so ago we left off the window installation with a bit of a conundrum. Specifically, how to best seal this old sill area to keep rainwater out:

Well, it's supposed to rain this afternoon, so I figured I should tackle this one before it's too late. A few days ago I picked up a 10-inch by 14-foot roll of white-coated aluminum at Home Depot. Today I drove to work with said roll, where I was able to our our shop's stomp shear and box-and-pan brake.

The profile for the flashing will (ideally) include a short vertical section at the rear, a long sloped section to cover the existing sill, a short vertical section at the front, and a small lip to divert rainwater away from the house. Fortunately, this worked even better than I expected, and I was in and out of the shop within twenty minutes with two fully-formed pieces of flashing. Now, to hope that I measured correctly! Fortunately, all was close enough. After a generous amount of caulk under and around, here is one of them installed.

That should keep things nice and dry...

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