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Our clothes laundering schemeWednesday, August 11, 2010
It's been a while since we removed the old washer and dryer from the basement. We visited a local laundromat a few weeks ago. The hamper is getting full again. It's time to finish up the laundry area.

The first order of business is the installation of rigid ducting between the back of the dryer and the hole I cut a few days ago. This wasn't too bad, especially with the articulating joints. Here we see the duct turning up under the stairs, between the water pipes:

Then continuing up to the vent hole, taking a bit of a turn to avoid the pipes for one of the upstairs radiators:

With the dryer fully connected, it was time to slide in the washer and connect it to the drain and supply lines:

And now, it's time to do some laundry!

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