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AkurumMonday, August 09, 2010
I've always wondered whether the names of IKEA products mean something really strange in Swedish. It turns out that this puzzle has been solved, at least according to Wikipedia, where they list the method to the seeming madness. For our particular installation (Kitchen cabinets), it seems that Akurum must be either a grammatical term or a proper name. Oh well, not quite so strange. But now I want to go purchase some curtain accessories, as Wikipedia claims that those are "mathematical and geometrical terms". Anyhow, back to work...

Here is the target for three Akurum cabinets:

Note the plumbing going to the middle - that will be for the sink (and more, as you'll see soon). Here are the cabinets, fully assembled and notched out for the plumbing:

And a bit like magic, here they are, flipped over, leveled, bolted to the wall, and ready for whatever will come next...

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