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Let there be light(s)Sunday, August 08, 2010
While we're at it, why don't we update the lighting in the rear of the basement as well? Okay, let's start by adding a light to the top of the stairs. I picked up a 5" diameter renovation-style recessed light at Lowe's, and for this job all I've got is the before and after, but what a difference this has made already!

Now, for the rest of the basement. We've purchased five 6-inch diameter Halo recessed light kits to replace the one fluorescent tube fixture. They all look a bit like this:

By the way, it is amazing that they can sell these for less than ten dollars a piece! Here is one of fixtures installed above the laundry area, complete with a shot of some of the wiring that needs to be done (while I'm at it, I'm also going to add a second switch by the back door, making this one of the more complicated wiring systems that I've done so far).

I decided to run the wiring up through the joists, requiring the use of the angle attachment for the drill in a few of the narrower joist bays, but keeping the wires up there sure makes it look less cluttered.

And now, fully installed, with electricity!

We spent probably fifteen minutes in the lighting section trying to figure out what bulbs we should get for these. We settled on 15-Watt compact fluorescents, and they give a nice warm hue to the room while using SO much less energy than the recommended 75-Watt halogens!

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