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Escape from 4219Saturday, August 07, 2010
First, let me say that I am thankful that I had a hammer drill instead of a spoon. Okay, so the task is to create a four-inch-diameter hole through the brick (for the new dryer vent), approximately in the middle of this photo:

The going advice online is to drill a series of holes around the perimeter of the circle, then use a cold chisel to remove the core, as well as to shape the final hole. To make it through all this brick (it's a full three courses thick!), I picked up a 12-inch long 3/8-inch diameter carbide-tipped masonry bit. I just hope is lasts for all of the holes!

I started by drilling one hole from the inside to determine the correct location, then drew a circle on the wall to mark out where the rest of the holes will need to be:

Progress was actually rather quick, but the pile of brick dust, which seems to cling to anything and everything, is going to take a while to clean up!

Then it was time to bring in the hammer and chisel to remove the webbing between the holes

And then to knock out some of the core

But I couldn't get to the inner bricks, so now it's back inside, where I get the distinct impression that I'm trying to tunnel my way out from some prison. And here is the first bit of daylight! If only I hadn't been outside just two minutes prior, this would have been such a moment!

Now it's getting big enough to, well, vent a dryer, or perhaps stick your arm through, if you're so inclined.

Looking now at the installed vent:

And now at the rigid vent line running down to where the dryer will (very soon) be located):

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