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Basement windowsFriday, August 06, 2010
A week ago the windows arrived, and while I've been a bit apprehensive about this, today is the day to try to get some of them installed. Here's one of them now, just waiting for installation:

The frames are all fiberglass (the Pella Impervia line), which should be a really good fit for the basement. They are Low-E argon filled, which will be a huge improvement over the drafty single-pane windows that they are replacing. So, to remove one of the old windows, all I had to do was loosen a few screws at the top hinge, and out it came:

Now, the old window frame is going to stay in place, and the plan is to have the new windows sit inside the box, butting up against the old frame.

We have five identically-sized windows, and each of the openings is ever-so-slightly different, as one would expect in a 95-year-old house. Testing this one, fortunately it just slide right in.

And from the outside, complete with the huge Pella sticker:

Now here is a bit of a challenge:

What we're looking at is how the new window lines up with the sill of the old frame. To make sure water drains away from the house, I will need to fill in that valley with something... UPDATE: The answer seems to be custom-fabricated aluminum caps that I will be able to place over the existing sill and caulk to the new window. Fortunately I have the tools I'll need to build these in the shop at work... so, to be continued!

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