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Watch that last step!Monday, August 02, 2010
Realizing that the stairs need to be re-done before we install the flooring, it's time to do some demolition and framing work. Looking back a few weeks, here's how the stairs looked once upon a time:

They're cracked. They're (very) unlevel. They're ugly. Okay, so we've been without the bottom few stairs for a while now:

But now it's time to go all the way up to where things are sound:

Which makes for one heck of a last step coming down the stairs! It also would have been much easier to do all that plumbing work now that the stairs are gone. Now, to start building something that will be plumb, level, square, and solid - at least, I hope! To begin, I built the framing for a new landing that will be at the bottom of the stairs.

This will be covered with Red Oak tongue and groove floor boards at some point, but now it's time to keep framing the rest of the stairs:

It took some time (and quite a bit of wood) to discover an adequate solution to cantilever over the sewer pipe and make the angled landing. The latter task sure put the miter saw through its paces, including a 47.5 degree bevel across a full 2x8 board:

But now, things seem to be in really good shape, and one no longer needs to rely on rock-climbing skills to negotiate a way out of the basement, which is, I figure, a good thing.

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