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A day for deliveriesFriday, July 30, 2010
I'm afraid the neighbors are going to start to complain about the number of times we've blocked up the street as various things have come and gone from our home... anyhow, two big ones arrived today.

At the beginning of the summer, and well before we knew we would get ourselves into so much, we decided that we would get a quote for replacing the windows in the basement. The quote turned into a purchase order, and today was the scheduled delivery date for our six custom Impervia fiberglass-frame windows.

Hey, those are our new windows!

And, up to the porch.

Now, how do you install a window?

But first, there's another delivery scheduled for the afternoon. Not quite as nice of a truck, nor such a good parking job, but this one has two highly anticipated items inside (especially considering that we had to drive to a laundromat this morning).

Yep, these are our new washer and dryer!

Those are some big boxes. Any they need to get down to the basement - but perhaps that can wait until tomorrow...

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