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Floors should be... level?Thursday, July 22, 2010
The next step in the basement laundry/pantry area renovation is figuring out how to get the floor reasonably flat and/or level so that we can install the flooring. So, how bad could it be?

Yikes! Too high here, too low there, and nothing is level! There were some areas that were significantly higher than the rest, so for these I purchased a DeWalt DW4772 diamond cup grinding wheel, seen here attached to our new 10-Amp DeWalt D28402 4.5-inch angle grinder.

And here it is in action, creating an AMAZING amount of dust in a very short period of time!

All done, and after a lot of sweeping and vacuuming...

Now, to tackle the low spots. The general recommendation seems to be self-leveling floor compound, but that stuff is expensive! Looking at our space, I see that many areas are over an inch deep, and we'd be looking at many, many bags of leveling compound.

So... the plan is to fill in some of the lowest areas with ordinary concrete, let that set, then coat the entire floor with leveling compound. But first, to paint on a coat of concrete bonding adhesive

After a couple hours of drying time, I began mixing, pouring, and tamping concrete. Amazingly, this used up all eight of the 80-pound bags that were left over from the backyard work. That's 640 pounds of concrete, just to fill in the low spots - and it doesn't even look like that much!

Now we let that cure, and come back in a few days to pour the leveling compound...

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