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New drainThursday, July 22, 2010
And then there are some things that, for whatever reason, you decide to hire someone else to do. Cutting and installing a new drain line in the main soil pipe happens to be one of those. Here's the situation:

We plan to locate the new washer and dryer under the basement stairs, here:

But that means we need to run a few utilities back there, including hot and cold water, a drain line, a dryer vent, 110V electric for the washer, and either 220V electric or gas for the dryer. First, the drain. The main soil pipe runs along the basement floor, as can be seen in the photo below:

It passes under the stairs, and there should be plenty of room to T into it under there. To make the job easier (and because they need to be replaced anyway), I removed the lower stairs. So long as we remember that they aren't there, this shouldn't be too traumatic.

And here they are!

I stayed out of the way while he was working, but from what I can gather, he pulled out the section from under the stairs, cut out about ten-inches from the middle, reassembled it with the Y in place, and ran PVC over to where the washing machine will reside.

Now, to get started on the supply lines...

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