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The quikwallWednesday, July 21, 2010
Now that the washer, dryer, and sink are gone from the rear of the basement, I have access to the wall behind, which is in need of some (mostly cosmetic) cleanup and repair. Here's the initial condition:

The first step was to use the angle grinder with a twisted wire brush disk to scrape away a lot of the paint and smooth out some of the larger irregularities in preparation for a new top coat.

Then it was time to apply a coat of Quikwall - the same material we used with good results in the main part of the basement. Fortunately, this wall is much smaller, and is already in fairly good condition. I purposefully avoided coating the area behind where the cabinets will be, mostly to conserve the Quikwall - a good thing, too, because I used up every last bit of the two bags we bought!

I will mist this a few times a day, and it will get sanded down a bit to achieve a smoother finish. Now, on to the next big basement tasks: leveling the floor, plumbing, renovating the stairs, installation of new cabinets, new electrical... the list just goes on and on!

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