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Moving the laundrySaturday, July 17, 2010
As I mentioned a while back, we are planning to replace our old washer and dryer and install the new ones in a slightly different location. Here is the existing setup:

And our plan is to locate the new front-loading units beneath the counter under the stairs:

The first step was a trip to IKEA to pick out the new sink, cabinets, and counters. This resulted in what I'd consider to be the most packed situation that our car has ever encountered. It's a Swedish car and a Swedish company, so perhaps they design things to fit, but I don't think it could fit even one more flat-pack box.

And here is all the loot back home, including six boxes of flooring. This should be fun.

Now, to remove the old equipment from the basement...

No more washer and dryer. By the way, anyone want to buy a used washer and dryer?

No more sink. Now, that's going to be some work to clean up that wall. But first, time to cap the water supply lines that were going down to the sink (they're the ones going down from the T).

Let's cut the pipes below the Ts, grab some 1/2" copper caps, and solder them on... but... oops, forgot to buy the caps! So, not wanting to head back to the hardware store again, I decided to just cut out the Ts and replace them with straight pipe...

This whole stretch will be replaced with a 3/4" trunk line soon enough, but these will hold for now!

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