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Rain, rain, go away!Wednesday, July 14, 2010
It's raining again. On an ordinary day, in an ordinary house, this should be a nonissue. But... we have a leak. So, time to spend more time in the closet. I figure the best course of action is to stop the leak, strip off all of the wet plaster, let the wall dry out, replace any rotten wood, then install new drywall. To start with the removal:

Wow, this is crazy. The lath behind the plaster is basically non-existent, and most of the wood is just completely rotted away. Clearing enough away, I can now see the leak, which is quite near the wall edge. Rather than let this drip onto the wood, I set up quite a contraption to divert it into a bucket:

I figure that so long as nobody breathes in the closet, this should stay standing for a while.

And then just this afternoon the roofers showed up and laid a new rubber roof over the side bay, so this should keep the water out for good!

It's going to take a while for that wall to dry out, but there is plenty to keep me busy while we wait...

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