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Max headroom, volume 2Saturday, July 10, 2010
Continuing to work above the stairs to the basement while awaiting the Ipe shipment, the next step is to remove a few framing members from underneath the stairs leading up from the kitchen to the second floor.

It was relatively easy to see that these just used to support the stair landing, and even at that there were other supports, so I just cut them off

Wait... what is that in the corner?

Gibsons X Whiskey
A blend
for the use of
invalids and connoisseurs
Gibson Distilling Co
Successors to
John Gibson's Son & Co.
Bottled in compliance with the food and drug act of June 30, 1906
James McShane,
1215 S. Twenty Seventh St.,

Still corked, but sadly empty. Perhaps this explains some of the little quirks around the house - nothing like a little drinking on the job to make sure things turn out plumb and level!

Okay, back to work... now, to add some additional supports under these stair stringers:

I cut a 2x4 to length and added some angled notches

Not a bad fit, actually!

Now, depending upon how we wall this area in, the minimum headroom should be increased from the previous 68 inches to somewhere in the neighborhood of 84 inches! A modification for which my forehead will be eternally grateful!

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