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Max headroom, volume 1Thursday, July 08, 2010
While we're waiting for our shipment of Ipe to continue work on the deck, we're tackling a few other projects, including a rehab of the stairs down to the basement. This area is a bit challenging to capture in a photo, but here is what you see from the top:

Measuring the stairs, they have an impressive 9-inch rise and only an 8.5-inch tread depth, making them quite a trick with size 14 feet!

(For reference, regulations seem to call for a rise of no more than 8 inches, and a tread depth of at least 11 inches.)

In addition, there isn't a whole lot of headroom near the bottom, with one area measuring a scant 68 inches. This offending area is here:

Thinking this over and brainstorming with Taylor, we realized that these stairs are beneath the stairs leading from the kitchen up to the second floor, and there is quite likely a lot of empty space behind the plaster. So... time to put on the glasses and mask...

Yikes - this feels familiar. But, good news - there is a LOT more room up there!

Though we will need to do more demolition, and there may be a bit of light framing work, this should really help to solve the headroom issue... now, what to do about the fact that the treads are only about half the

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