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Moths and an old trap (not exactly an easy afternoon)Sunday, June 10, 2007
While we were away, it seems the moths have been enjoying themselves. We're not yet sure where they are coming from, but both of the traps that we'd put out the last time we were here are just about full, and there are more in the air. From our reading online, these seem to be pantry moths, about 1 cm long, and shaped like a thin arrow. We scrubbed down the kitchen last week to try to get rid of them, but they're definitely still around. They are generally attracted to grains and such, but interestingly there really isn't any food in the house right now (except for all the cereal, etc. that I just bought at Costco, which I'm keeping safe in the car). I'm going to get a couple more traps tomorrow then try to find out where they are coming from.

When I'd first entered the house, I'd noticed a somewhat unpleasant odor that we'd been noticing off-and-on the past two times we were up here. Previous investigation showed that it seemed to be originating from somewhere near the kitchen sink, and we've been suspicious of the in-line vent that is being used there in place of an honest vent line. However, this afternoon I got down on my knees and discovered that the baseboard under the corner unit for the sink was missing. I was hesitant to peer inside, but upon doing so I think I discovered the source of the odor.

Yup, that was a mouse. While I'm no expert, I'd say it's dead. I still decided to walk over to the Fresh Grocer to buy some air freshener, but I'm hopeful that things will improve now that he/she is gone.

Remembering that our last trip ended with the placement of a contraption in the corner of the basement to collect the incoming rain water, I went down expecting to find a few inches of water in the bucket.

Yup, completely full. 5 gallons. Wow. Unfortunately PECO said that they are only responsible for the lines themselves, and that it was the contractor who's responsible for the conduit and any associated leaks.

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