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New Homeowners!Friday, May 25, 2007
Well, it's official - we're now the owners of a beautiful circa 1915 row house at 4219 Osage Avenue in the University City area of Philadelphia!

We drove up from Baltimore this morning with a queen-size bed, our china, and most of our tools in a 16-foot Penske truck (we'd reserved a U-haul truck over a month ago, but they wanted us to pick it up 50 miles away!). We did a quick walk-through of the house around 10:30 with our realtor (it's empty and mostly clean, though we'll certainly be busy this weekend!), then it was off to settlement. By 2:30 p.m. we were walking out the door with the keys to our new house! We arrived back at the house just as one of Katherine's future grad students and his father showed up, and we were extremely grateful for their help in unloading some of the larger items from the moving truck, including our two 7-foot-tall china cabinets. The Comcast service man arrived right on time at 3:30 to install our cable Internet line - a high priority for our new home.

Once the truck was fully unloaded and the very nice Comcast man had departed, we decided to take the queen bed up to the third floor front bedroom, which we will be using as a guest room. Starting with the box spring, we got it from the first to second floor without any trouble as the stairway is relatively large. However, it took us a full twenty minutes and a lot of pushing and shoving to get it up to the third floor (via the turning stairs shown in the photo at the top of the blog). As we'd just heard a horror story the night before regarding the difficulty of getting a queen-size box spring up the tight stairways in these older homes, we found our predicament particularly humorous as the box spring was bent and wedged between the stairs and the ceiling; all our combined strength could move it only about an inch at a time. We ended up with a rather large dent in one side of the box spring, and we knocked about a two-inch circle of plaster off the ceiling, but somehow we got it up there. I can guarantee that it will either go out a window or we will be leaving it with the house - there's no way it's going back down the stairwell! After that ordeal, the mattress itself was a piece of cake as it had just enough flexibility to fit. We were pretty exhausted by the time the bed was set up, so we decided to head out to dinner (it's great to be able to walk to good restaurants!) and take the rest of the night off (except for rummaging through all the boxes looking for the sheets to the bed around 10:30).

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